Black Friday excitement

Yes, it's Black Friday again and clearly some people are more excited than others.

This year we're celebrating with some of our more relevant products, including the super popular Back to Black from Azpects

Our customers love this product and if you've got a dull or sad looking Limestone patio or path, this is what you need to solve your problems.

It's a product that's not available across all the Azpects stockists but we've got plenty of it and at Black Friday prices!

To find out more just CLICK here!  

To see Back to Black in action watch this Azpects video.

Back to Black fits well with Black Friday, doesn't it?

But what about Black (Friday) EasyJoint, our prices are very good on that product too!

Jet Black EasyJoint from Supreme Landscaping Products

Is Jet Black Easyjoint Friday too much??

How about Black (Friday) EasyGrid? Yes, the original EasyGrid product for shed bases, driveways, paths and paddocks.

Black (Friday) EasyGrid from Supreme Landscaping Products

EasyGrid is very simple to install and can be used for a variety of installations.

Here's a video that shows 50 quare metres being laid in half a day.

That's pretty good going, right? 

What else have we got that relates to Black Friday?

Well, there's Drive Revive+ and Easy DriveFix, one is a black rejuvenator and sealer for Asphalt and Concrete and the other is an easy-to-use moditied (Black Friday) bitumen pot hole and road repair system.

Black Friday crowd frenzy

There's no need to get into a frenzy if you need any of our great products, just go online, make a couple of clicks and within a day or two your products will be with you.

But if you have to go, good luck and may your God be with you.

If you need a God, we've got those too!

Statues that is....

Zeus or God head statue from Supreme Landscaping Products

If you've enjoyed the bit of fun we've had this Black Friday, please feel free to share this article on social media using our Sumo buttons, it couldn't be easier.