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Starting a new job with lots of new products to market is very exciting to say the least!

My first task is not to start on budgets for 2016 or even start to consider where Supreme Landscaping Product's money is best spent, but to look at what landscaping products we sell most of, what marketing is currently in place and consider how effective it is.

Far too many businesses spend money on advertising and marketing unnecessarily. Often, if you are smart, you'll find everything you need to promote your product or brand right in front of you. Yes, you've guessed it, I'm talking about testimonials and in particular video testimonials. 

If your products or services are any good, you should have plenty of testimonials. To me, these are the next best thing to word of mouth recommendations. If you haven't got any, either your products and services aren't good enough, or you're simply missing a great opportunity.

One of Supreme Landscaping Products' main suppliers is Azpects and these guys have got their video marketing and testimonials 100% bang on. They can see the value of quality video recommendations and they've done a very good job. Just remember that you must have great products or services, otherwise you won't get good quality testimonials or the testimonials that you do use will come back to haunt you.

Video marketing tips from Supreme Landscaping Products

I'm sure you'll agree, that there's nothing worse than suspect looking testimonials from anonymous customers located in vague locations. That's why video is far more convincing than just some basic copy on your website or blog.

"I love the ACME range, it's great and their service is awesome." Mrs F from Essex.

This doesn't really work does it?

However, the Azpects video and the people providing the testimonials are very real, they are obviously not actors and their comments seem both natural and genuine. They like the EasyJoint product, it's obvious.

Gary says he's been using the Azpects EasyJoint product since he saw it at a trade show at the NEC in 2010, that's a pretty good comment and show's that the company and the product have been around for a while.

Social Media Marketing for Landscaping Products

Brian seems so genuinely pleased with the product that it's a pleasure to watch and listen to him, he's such a natural. He says he found the EasyJoint products on the Internet and he's never looked back. That's pretty good and Brian seems very much a hard working, honest landscaper and exactly the kind of audience Supreme Landscaping Products are looking to connect with. To me as a marketing manager his enthusiasm for the product is 100% gold dust. This is the stuff marketing people dream of, right? 

But less of my opinion, here's what Mike Whitney at Business to Community has to say:

Why Are Testimonials So Important?

'Much has been written about the importance of humanizing your brand. Customers in the 21st century can sniff out insincerity before you even get a chance to upsell, and it’s necessary to design your web presence accordingly. While things like humor and an ability to poke fun at oneself definitely help towards this end, it doesn’t mean that brand humanization has to come at the expense of credibility. When executed correctly, the two go hand in hand.'

'Testimonials provide a perfect example of this. Any time a customer is being sold to, they are on their toes for deception. It’s only natural. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned dollars and cents on a product presented as far more valuable than its reality. As consumers, we’re all more willing to believe in what’s being advertised if we can identify with the source of the information. Testimonials can provide the perfect way to bridge that gap.'

'It’s always a good idea to position your marketing strategies in a way that sells an experience, as opposed to just a product. This is nothing new. It’s why beer commercials have .1% to do with the beer in the bottle and 99.9% to do with the epic night out the sharply dressed twenty somethings are having while holding those beers.'

'When it comes to digital marketing, you can apply this same concept (with much more subtlety than the typical over-the-top beer commercial). For a lot of your site’s visitors, this idea alone can be the difference between a sale and a bounce.'

So there you are, a few good, well placed testimonials and people will stick around on your website or blog and see what's on offer. So how much more positive response will a company get with a good quality video?

Michael says that his customers like the EasyJoint product and that his sales are improving all the time. 

Supreme Landscaping Products continues to grow

James declares that trade customers find it very easy to use and none of them go back to sand and cement. These comments are all great, but Brian's last comment, to me, is the very best!

'I've been on my knees for years', Brian says and we don't doubt it for one minute. Once again, he seems a very likeable, hard working guy and we can all relate to him. Brian finishes with a brilliant comment, 'I can do a days work in 2 hours using Azpects EasyJoint'. 

How perfect is that? What would any hardworking landscaper or builder want to hear to convince him to at least try a new product like EasyJoint?

In one short video Azpects customers said, that EASYJoint is easy to use, popular, versatile, it saves time, it saves money, it can be used in all weathers and basically it makes their life a whole lot easier. That's a pretty good result, right?

There are some other great comments too, so why not check it out and see for yourself? To me, it's a very powerful 3 minute video.

So where's your video camera?

Get out and get those testimonials, make them good, make them genuine and you are sure to reap the benefits!

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