Supreme Landscaping Products - Email campaign or social media?

Marketing can be an expensive process and I'm sure that most business people would agree that with digital marketing the main cost is the amount of time members of staff are focused on any given campaign.

I've been very involved in social media marketing since back in 2010 and people are still questioning the true ROI with social media marketing and it's still a very contentious subject.  

OK, if I gloat about putting together a great EASY Joint purchase and delivery with Craig at Habitat Landscapes via Twitter a while back and then subsequently putting another great deal together with Ed at Burnham Landscaping via Twitter, I can assure you that doesn't happen every day. OK, I've built a great rapport with two very talented landscaping specialists and they've said some great stuff about the products we sell and the service we offer, but orders via Twitter are sporadic at best. 

Twitter is great for connecting and communicating with people but I couldn't recommend it as a platform for a constant stream of business.

So what is the most consistent, cost effective way to communicate with prospective customers?

That, of course, is a very tough question and there are a number of variables to consider - i.e. campaign budget, individual business model, specific sector, brand and brand awareness, staff skills and resources, data base availablity and customer connectivity. Considering all the variables, the good old traditional email campaign should not be ignored or considered old fashioned.

The photograph above of the landscaper installing some new paving was the lead photo in my most recent email campaign, I'll explain a few important issues later. 

If you like a little traditional landcaping you'll love the photograph below, both these photographs highlight the importance of using quality, subject and audience appropriate images. 

Landscapers like quality content


I'll highlight our complete email content later in this article but here are some pointers:

  • Use a quality photo for the intro of your email to capture your audience attention
  • Chose the right audience to email (Our audience for this campaign was predominantly landscapers, landscape architects and builders)
  • Use fresh data, preferably from your website or blog or other direct connectivity
  • Email on a regular basis, so people look forward to your communication
  • Use good titles, if your titles are salacious, corny or contain 'bad' or 'salesy' words, you'll be considered spam (spam test your emails)
  • Maintain your brand recognition, include branding, logos and contact details
  • Ensure your emails are mobile friendly, a lot of people read emails on their mobiles (mobile test your email content and images)
  • Even the busiest business people check their emails, with some people more often than they check their social media accounts, particularly this time of year
  • Provide people with value, not just financial value but good advice and helpful tips
  • Personalise your communication, use people's names, not dear reader or hello subscriber, people hate that!
  • Always add links to your website or blog to get traffic 
  • Study the reports you create with your campaigns, check the click throughs and bounces and test and adjust accordingly to improve your results

Back to Black Limestone Enhancer

If you can, implement GIF's in your emails, they're different and they really capture people's attention.

Here's the content of our latest email, note the minimal copy to keep it interesting.

Yes, we've done it!

We've actually lowered our Easy Joint prices to help our customers make the right decision when buying online.

We do sell on Amazon and eBay, we do sell a lot and we great brilliant reviews,

but it's very expensive for us and therefore we are offering

our products at discounted prices via our website.

Why wouldn't we?

Easy Joint's rrp is £34.99

Supreme Landscaping Products it's £25.80

Pretty good, right?

How do we do this? Simple, low overheads, minimal staff and minimal advertising.

Don't forget, we offer cost effective delivery and great service!

EASYJoint a quality finish


Our technical advice and our hard landscaping experience is something our customers
appreciate, look at this.

Easy Sealer Remover

This is adding value for our customers, not just financial rewards but advice on great products and how to use them

Imagine waking up to that? (Photo above before)

We resolved the problem with some good advice and a couple of our products from Azpects.

CLICK here to read the full story. (Photo below after)

Supreme Landscaping Products

Here's more value, we're letting our customers know about the free advertising we can offer them. 

Whatever businesss you are in we will be happy to spread the good word about your company and your talents across our vast social media network and provide you with a great point of reference for your potential new customers.

All you need to do is buy any of our hard landscaping products and send us the photographs, click this link to to find out more, that's pretty easy, right?

Back to Black Limestone Enhancer

Once again, we're offering value and adding links to our website to enable our

customers to read a brilliant review we had about Back to Black and how wonderful it is.

Faded Limestone can be a problem but we've got the answer.

Our customer review explains how they saved £5,000, read it here.

Instead of ripping up the patio and starting from scratch they just bought 1 litre of Back to Black! 

Once again, we offer more value to our customers. 

If you love our products and would like one of your projects to be featured on our blog,
just send us some photographs.

To read more about the free advertising we can offer you, click here.  

Before you go, check out our new range of top quality planters.

British made and used by the Queen. 

Planters and Troughs online from Supreme Landscaping Products

As far as we're concerned, it's very important with emails to include calls to action and links to our website, the idea is to get people to buy our hard landscaping products online, right?

The easier we make that process, the more likely it is to happen.

Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition

Always use your best images for email campaigns!

We always remind our email recipients that they can not only buy online but also call us on 01440 786932 if they need any advice or would rather just order by telephone.

Plus, of course, we want people to connect and communicate with us on social media.

So, we tend to finish our emails like this:

To read the latest Supreme Landscaping Products blog post CLICK HERE

To join us and LIKE our Facebook page CLICK HERE

To order any of our products CLICK HERE

Telephone 01440 786932


Twitter @landscapingm8 

So there you are, that's how we create and send our regular email campaigns. 

Would you read an email from us, addressed to you personally, with great photos, some easy to read copy offering clear, precise information about products that could be a real help to your company, great advice on how to get free advertising for your company and links to quality products that you can buy at great prices online?

If you'd like to be added to our email list, just sign up today! 

Please let us know what you think about this and feel free to share it on social media via our Sumo button, it couldn't be easier.