Twitter and @landscapingm8

Poor old Twitter is a very misunderstood and often misused social media platform.

To me the fact that Twitter is free apart from the time you spend on it and that it reaches out to so many millions of people that may be interested in any given companies services or products makes it one of the very best growth hacking tools around.

You can definitely make money using Twitter and it really isn't difficult. I did it yesterday and I intend to do it again soon! This article explains it all very clearly, but first you need to address a couple of basic issues.

  • You should really use Twitter on a daily basis, not twice a month. Anyone in any business simply must have a few minutes a day to maintain their Twitter account and if you haven't it's worth training an assistant to learn how to use Buffer, it's very easy. Don't forget that morning, lunch time and late afternoon are all good times to check your Twitter account and respond to your followers and to me, it's a given that at least some of them can potentially do business with you.
  • You must follow people that will benefit from your products or services, but not only those people. Mix it up a little and keep it interesting.


  • Do not just send Tweets, day in day out, offering your services or products. People will get bored I guarantee it and they will unfollow you if you just advertise the same old same old.
  • Social Media is social media, it is not advertising. Be social, be sociable, communicate with people and don't be scared to have a little fun.
  • Always send pictures, photos, videos or GIFs with your Tweets if you can, it'll make a massive difference to the responses you get and use Buffer or a similar platform to save yourself a whole lot of time.
  • Communicate with people when you have the time, have conversations, Retweet good Tweets and show a little appreciation with likes. Try making a Twitter Moment from time to time and see how they work out for you.
  • Check your Twitter analytics on a regular basis, see what's working for you and test and adjust as necessary.

That's not too much to ask is it?

If you can't cope with these few simple guidelines I guess Twitter just isn't for you. Stick with writing letters to people and discussing business that way or make a few phone calls and hope someone will listen to your pitch about your services and products. Good luck!

Twitter and @landscapingm8


However, if you like social media and you understand that social media marketing is way more cost effective that traditional advertising and you can see the potential of Twitter but simply need to use it in a slightly more productive way keep reading. (I should add that the above list is just the very basics, there's lots more to Twitter and it's well worth spending a little time to get it working perfectly for you. Check out a few articles by Buffer, they'll help you for sure!)

OK, so here's how I got some business yesterday and how I potentially landed myself a great long term customer that I'd be very proud to be associated with on a professional level.

I saw a Tweet from Bedfordshire based Habitat Landscapes highlighting a really good project they'd recently finished. They were great photos and it was clearly a great job, so I congratulated them and followed them on Twitter simply based on the quality of the work. I didn't know the company, I'd never heard of them before, but they seemed like good guys to get to know.

Craig Nester, the Habitat Landscapes team leader, must have read my Twitter bio as he came back to me on Twitter saying he'd used EASYJoint for the project. EASYJoint has proved to be one of our biggest selling products this year and my Twitter bio states that not only am I a #growthhacking and #social media fan but I'm an #EASYJoint fan too.

I guess the lesson here is to make sure your Twitter bio represents you well! 


Craig's Tweet suggested I check out his Facebook account, so I did and I was really impressed. The story continues.

As the Tweet above proves I quickly noticed that Habitat Landscapes were great with social media, they were really using it well and their project photographs, like their projects, were of a very high standard.

I sent a link highlighting the fact that Supreme Landscaping Products provide our customers with 'Customer Recognition' articles on our blog and on LinkedIn that we share right across our social media network and that we also offer free social media marketing advice. I know for certain that's something traditional merchants don't do and such a unique service provide us with an excellent USP.



Craig mentioned that he was redeveloping his website next year, so I checked it out and I was impressed with the existing content, particularly the photographs, just how many quality customer testimonials he had and the fact that he'd won awards for his work.

To cut a long story short the conversation got around to product delivery, prices etc and Craig at Habitat Landscapes is now a new customer awaiting his delivery of 15 tubs of Stone Grey EASYJoint tomorrow morning in Bedfordshire.

OK, I'll admit that this doesn't happen everyday and yes, I have sent out lots of Tweets over recent years, but it proves it is possible. All it takes is the desire to succeed and a little quick thinking.

EASYJoint a quality finish


I think to an extent I've proved that used properly Twitter is a great growth hacking tool and I really hope Craig becomes a long term customer, not just because he understands the benefits of social media marketing but because he's very, very good at what he does!

I will be writing a 'Customer Recognition' article about Habitat Landscapes because Craig certainly deserves it (and I promised I would) but before that here's a taste of the Habitat Landscapes high standard of work.


Pretty amazing landscaping work from Habitat Landscapes isn't it? Small wonder these guys win awards!

Nice work Craig, what a team you've got there!



If you are a landscaper, a builder, a landscape architect or an interior designer and you would like some social media marketing help, all you need to do is become a customer of Supreme Landscaping Products.

You don't have to spend £1000's of pounds, you can buy any of our products, one of our Border Stoneware statues, some of our 'Stone' Globe Lights from designer Joanna Wallis, some of our natural stone cleaners or sealers, or simply just a few tubs of good old EASYJoint.

If you like this article or have found it to be of interest please share it on your social media network, it deserves a Tweet at the very least. Why not also take a look at the Habitat Landscapes website and join me on Twitter @landscapingm8 or call me with your order on 01440 786932.