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Improve your Twitter marketing with GIF's or 'Do People React to Your Maketing?' 

In March 2016 Twitter celebrated being around for 10 long years and at that time they had around 317 million active monthly users. That's potentially reaching quite an audience whatever you do and wherever you are based and therefore the question must be raised: Can any business really afford to ignore Twitter in 2016?

However, it seems that a lot of people still don't really get Twitter and the reason they don't get it is simple, they don't see the benefits because they don't use the micro blogging platform properly. (Remember, like all social media, it won't show any benefits overnight or even in the short term) 


Social Media Share via Supreme Landscaping Products


Yes, that's right, Twitter is a micro blogging platform and should be used accordingly. Tweet good content on a regular basis and your results will improve, I can guarantee that! To me, all social media marketing is content marketing. Whether it's a Tweet, a Facebook comment, a Pin on Pinterest, a YouTube video or a blog post, all these types of social media marketing contain content in some shape or form.

If the content isn't interesting, no one is going to read it. So why bother? Plus, repetitive content that constantly plugs your products or services in the same old fashion, time and time and time again will get ignored, I can guarantee that too. That's advertising, it's not content marketing and it's certainly not social media marketing. You've got to offer value to get people involved and responding, it's that simple and, of course, you've got to capture people's attention.



I bet you noticed the GIF above didn't you? That's what it's all about.

OK, question - Does your company use Twitter for social media marketing and networking?

If you don't, you should. As mentioned, Twitter provides a massive audience by any standards and if you connect with the right people and you communicate regularly, you can significantly improve your network whatever business you're in or whatever sector you serve. However, you need to work your Twitter account and you do need to get noticed. Sending 2 or 3 Tweets every week and hoping something happens is pretty much a complete waste of time.

So, how do you make Twitter worthwhile?

First and foremost, follow the right people. Following the right people is the subject for a blog article in its own right, just Google Followwonk and read that, it'll really help you. I should add that I don't only follow landscapers, builders, interior designers, gardeners and the like, because that's really not going to work, but I do try to follow as many people that may be interested in hard landscaping products as I can. (I should add, never, ever buy followers)


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This article is focused on making Tweets that Twitter followers will notice and hopefully respond to. So how do you do that? Simple. Don't be boring and avoid too much repetition. Tweets with pictures get the best response, generally over 90% more than those without. That's a big difference.

How much more response with moving pictures? Give yourself a round of applause if you're getting the idea here. 

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Have you used Giphy yet? What's Giphy? What are GIF's? They're Graphic Interchange Format images and people like them. People notice them on Twitter and they share them a lot. They help get you noticed.

I like to Tweet my LinkedIn articles on a regular basis and sometimes I like to add a GIF, why not? I want as many people as possible to read my articles and soon I'll have the Supreme Landscaping Products blog go live on our website, I'm confident that the blog will help provide me with plenty of website traffic. The more traffic I get, the better ranking I'll get on Google and all things being equal, the more people will buy our hard landscaping products. That's the plan.

But let's talk about GIF's a bit more and how hard they are to ignore and how they can help your social media marketing efforts and build your social media network.

These are hard to ignore, aren't they?


GIFs and social media marketing from the landscaping community


Social Media Share via Supreme Landscaping Products


Yeah, great you might say, but these don't relate to my business in any shape or form. What's the point?

But they can. Without much effort you can open an account on GIPHY and start creating your own GIF's.


Supreme Landscaping Products using GIFs for marketing


You don't have to be a technical wizard, you really don't. You can pretty much use any video and create you own business related GIF's, easily.


Supreme Landscaping Products Customer Recognition


Last week I published a LinkedIn article 'Growth Hacking with Drones' about Supreme Landscaping Product's customer Aberclean and an amazing project they'd just completed. I made the GIF above from the video on the Aberclean website. It looks great, doesn't it?

I know I said earlier that you mustn't advertise the same old stuff post after post, Tweet after Tweet, but it's OK to add a little self promotion from time to time, business is business, right? The GIF below shows EASYJoint being used and just how straightforward it is, and it reminds landscapers and builders that they don't have to spend half their life on their knees and also that EASYJoint is up to 20 times quicker to use than a traditional sand and cement paving joint method.

These Supreme Landscaping Products EASYJoint GIF's have been used a fair bit and people have responded well to them on Twitter. Basically, I wanted to prove on this post that you can make GIF's that connect directly to your business, the GIF below also highlights to potential buyers just how easy EASYJoint is to use but from a slightly different perspective.

 EasyJoint original GIF from Supreme Landscaping Products


Below is a slightly different approach to using a GIF, this one is made from an Azpects video and features landscaper Brian Riley and basically this GIF simply highlights the fact that Supreme Landscaping Products sell hard landscaping products online.

It's a simple but effective message. I could have easily just sent a Tweet that said 'You can buy EASYJoint paving compound online from Supreme Landscaping Products' but how much more powerful is the GIF? I did ask Azpects for permission before I made the GIF, despite being fairly confident that they wouldn't mind us marketing theirEASYJoint products and increasing our sales. If you intend to copy this idea, it makes sense to ask your suppliers first, it's just good manners.


Social Media Share from Supreme Landscaping Products


I hope this article has helped you whatever business you are in and I hope you're inspired enough to improve your social media marketing by Tweeting better Tweets. I would like to thank my friend Dan Purvis from CommsAxis for the inspiration for this post.

Please share this post on your social media network, especially on Twitter!