Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Keeping warm and being able to eat outside here in the UK is a big subject, hence the big photograph of the Muztag outdoor gas fire heater.

We all know that families are getting bigger, because the kids don't move out as quick as they used to and that getting everyone around the table for a big family meal can be a struggle, so eating outside on the decking or on the patio is a great idea.

But it's cold, right?

OK, the evenings are getting brighter, the days are getting longer but it's still a bit nippy, isn't it?

Our customers are busy buying paving, paving compound, patio cleaners, new garden furniture, outdoor lights and lots of other stuff in anticipation for the forthcoming spring, but it's still a bit cold.

Whether you're a homeowner, a pub, a bistro or a restaurant owner, you'll still need an outdoor heating solution for another month or two and there's a pretty good chance that you'll need them again in September.

Now we're working with Muztag, we've got lots to offer and we can solve that problem for you. Muztag are a very well established UK company with over 30 years experience in the gas fire and stove industry.

Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online

If you own a restaurant, a bistro, or a pub and you want to keep your customers happy outside (particularly those pesky smokers, perhaps?) you'll be delighted with the selection of outdoor gas fire heaters we've now got available online.

Let's take a look at a couple of the more commercial type outdoor gas fires.

Kongur 425 outdoor gas fire, the solution for pubs, bistros and wine bars

The Muztag Kongur 425 is now available online from Supreme Landscaping Products

Qogir-516 High Base Outdoor Gas Fire ideal for restaurants, pubs and bistros

The Qogir-516 Outdoor Propane or Butane Gas Fire is also available and presents a perfect heating solution for restaurants, pubs, clubs and bistros looking to extend the season for al fresco dining.

Historically, these outdoor gas heaters were very popular in the USA, Canada and over recent years it would appear that on both a residential and a commercial level they are becoming more and more popular here in the UK.

If you own a restaurant, a beer garden, a pub or a bistro you might be interested to know that back in 2008 the UK pub and catering sector made an additional £250,000,000 by investing into outdoor heating.

When the smoking ban was introduced here in the UK affected businesses such as pubs and restaurants invested around £86.5 million into outdoor heaters and it certainly seems to have paid off.

Whether you want to provide heating around the swimming pool on a residential basis or encourage more customers to enjoy the al fresco ambience of your dining establishment, we've got the solutions right here.

If you take a careful look at the prices of these outdoor gas heaters you'll see that it wouldn't take the sale of many meals and bottles of wine to recoup your initial outlay, particularly if it's a table for 10 or more wanting to dine outside. These heaters are mobile and therefore can be arranged to suit parties of any size, the installation is both simple and cheap and running costs are very affordable.

Plus, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that these heaters are a fantastic focal point, particularly of an evening, if they're well placed alongside a candle lit table or two, you've got instant ambience and some heat.

Customers will love this!

Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Customers at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales certainly appreciate the Muztag gas fires along with a few champagne cocktails.

Quality gas fires from Muztag at the Celtic Manor Resort

If you own a restaurant, a cafe or a wine bar, it might not be quite as sumptuous as the Celtic Manor Resort pictures above, but by introducing this kind of outdoor heating you can still increase your business quite easily, simply because you can combine the indoor and outdoor clientelle and therefore increase turnover, it's a simple equation, right? 

However, you might simply want to buy one or two of these great gas fire heaters to stop those pesky smokers from standing outside your pub or restaurant and lowering the tone of your establishment? Put some heating out the back and the problem is instantly solved, right? 

All these stylish outdoor gas heaters from Muztag carry a full 12 month warranty and spare parts are available by simply calling us here on 01440 786932.

Please feel free to share this article with any restaurant, pub, club or bistro owners you might know as you're sure to be helping them prolong their al fresco dining season. You can also forward the article to friends or family who need a little heat on the patio before the summer arrives, let's get the BBQ ready!! 

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Muztag outdoor fires from Supreme Landscaping Products online