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The rise and fall of any brand or product popularity is often a tough one to quantify.

Things don't just happen, there must be a reason for changes in brand and product popularity, right?

Sometimes a company, in any given sector, can spend a fortune on advertising and promoting their brand and products, and sales actually fall instead of increase. This is never good, but sometimes it's easily explained. Some campaigns (often the most expensive) try just a little too hard and often it's kind of obvious, consumers hate desperation.

Some brands just fade and die, it happens. We can all think of products that just lose their charm or their relevance, and consumers follow cycles very closely whether they like to admit it or not. 

But why do some particular products, in a whole range of very similar products, suddenly become the most popular?

Changes in fashion, maybe?

Changes of taste, inspired by trends? Possibly. (If that's not fashion)

This post was originally written in July last year and at that particular time, Stone Grey had just become the best selling or most popular EASYJoint compound colour. However, looking across the complete sales performance of 2016, it would seem that Mushroom EASYJoint paving compound regained its title of our top selling paving compound as the year continued.


Stone Grey EASY Joint

Stone Grey EASYJoint paving compound or paving mortar


Mushroom EASYJoint from Supreme Landscaping Products

Mushroom EASY Joint paving compound or paving mortar


Stone Grey EASYJoint jointing compound was literally flying off the shelves last July!

Throughout 2016 the whole range of EASYJoint colours were more popular than ever, we expected this in July, because it's the height of the UK's patio and paving season and also because the word is out about how effective and time saving EASYJoint is for both landscaping professionals and DIY-ers.

Having said that, we didn't expect sales to go up, particularly with Stone Grey, quite as much as they did and in such a short space of time. We don't think our suppliers Azpects did either, they were working literally around the clock just to try to keep up with demand by increasing both their staff and their manufacturing capacity.

This year we're hoping that as one of the UK's fastest growing online hard landscaping products merchants and, in all probability, as one of the UK's top EASYJoint merchants, we can maintain the supply and demand ratio without quite so much stress. We're pretty confident that we are now the biggest online seller of EASYJoint and based on our good service, our fast delivery, our great reviews and our USP we will continue to build market share throught 2017.


EASYJoint Buff jointing compound from Supreme Landscaping Products

Buff EASY Joint paving compound or paving mortar


EASY Joint Basalt from Supreme Landscaping Products online

Basalt EASY Joint paving compound or paving mortar


EASYJoint Paving compound Jet Black online from Supreme Landscaping Products

Jet Black Easy Joint paving compound or paving mortar


So, here at Supreme Landscaping Products, we're ordering a lot more EASYJoint across the range for this season. Basically, last year landscapers and builders were coming to us because their local stockist or builders merchant just didn't hold enough EASYJoint stock to keep up with the demand or to buy the cleaning chemicals, natural stones sealers and grid and road repair solutions they didn't stock at all. 

Will the trend continue? Maybe this Spring it'll be EasyJoint Buff or maybe EASYJoint Jet Black or Basalt that's all the rage?

One of the team here said that Stone Grey may have become more popular because a paving colour or a natural stone that it matches perfectly has suddenly flooded the market or become available at a super discounted price.

Who knows? I wish I did.

If you know, please let me know.

Please share this on social media and if you want Stone Grey for this spring, hurry up and order it now, it might just become super popular again?


EASYJoint ready for Spring


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