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If you read our recent article 'How we find new Landscaping Products' you'll be very aware that we attended the recent Landscape Show in Battersea, London.

It was a superb show and we found lots of excellent new products for our online customers, some of which we are selling already! Check out the outdoor lifestyle and landscaping lighting solutions, there's so much variety for you, whether you're a landscape designer, a landscaper, a developer or just a lover of all things garden.

That was pretty quick work wasn't it? 

But why are we focusing on a landscaping products and outdoor lifestyle exhibition that finished around a month ago?

Why? Simple.

Not only is the exhibition very high profile and probably one of the best in the UK but it was kind enough to highlight not only a visit from pop idol Sir Bob Geldof (who I spoke to at the exhibition) but also a quote from Supreme Landscaping Products.

We're so flattered and this seemed a good way to say thanks very much to the Landscape Show people and see you next year for sure!

Sir Bob Geldof at the Landscape Show

To us the most exciting part of the day was meeting so many quality companies who had such great products for us to sell.

Here's some of them:Lumena outdoor lighting from Supreme Landscaping Products

Yes, we're now offering a fantastic range of outdoor lifestyle and landscaping lights, including spot lights, 'dusk to dawn' security lights, car park and driveway bollards, wall and decking lights, water feature spotlights, tree lights, feature rock lights and a selection of garden spike lights.

Under water feature lights from Supreme Landscaping Products

The underwater brass lights featured above are pretty amazing aren't they? If you've got an existing water feature or a water feature being installed, maybe a pond, a water fountain or whatever, imagine how superb it would look lit up at night?

Under water lighting from Supreme Landscaping Products

Now that's what I call a garden feature.

Talking of great designs and artistic inclinations, how about this...

Landscape Show London

I love the art work the Landscape Show guys produce, it's very stylish, right? 

I must say that it was very kind of them to use the Supreme Landscaping Products quote (feature below), was it a Tweet from @landscapingm8 ?

Supreme Landscaping Products at the Landscape Show Battersea 2017 

Just in case you can't read the quote easily, here it is:

'As one of the UK's fastest growing online landscaping products distributors it's essential for us to stay up to date on trends and new landscaping products and design ideas and therefore attendance to this prestige show was essential'

Peter Masters Marketing and Business Development Manager @landscapingM8 

As mentioned, I'm very grateful to the Landscape Show for including us in their magazine this month and I'm also very grateful that I attended the event.

Not only are we now working with Lumena Lights Ltd. and offering a whole array of quality lights but we're also in discussion with a number of other companies and hopefully we'll soon be offering a whole range of different outdoor lifestyle and landscaping products including:

  • Outdoor Fires and Heaters
  • Natural paving solutions
  • Wooden garden furniture, wooden features and ornaments
  • Ceramic Garden Pots and Ornaments
  • Outdoors BBQ and catering equipment
  • Decorative stone and gravel
  • Rockery Rocks and Boulders

These are just a few of the additional new products currently under discussion and clearly it'll take some time for all the i's to be dotted and the t's to be crossed before everything's up online and ready to sell, but we're getting there.

Just imagine how much time I would have spent finding and then researching all the companies that attended the Landscape Show. Months, right? 

And then I'd have to decide what products I considered suitable for us by looking online and locating and searching websites. I'd then have to arrange to talk to the individuals involved at some convenient time, meet those people, look at the products and make a decision based on that meeting.

Time consuming and super expensive or what?

The Landscape Show makes that whole process just so easy; I covered a lot of ground in just one day.

Outdoor living gains popularity

It's true we are definitely focusing more and more on outdoor lifestyles and living, we're convinced by buying trends and feedback from customers, that's retail buyers, designers, developers and landcapers, that this particular trend and therefore market segment is really growing.

Here's why and it's a quote taken from my blog post published just after the Landscape Show.

More and more people are learning to appreciate the benefits of entertaining at home and of course, the more cookery programs and landscaping programs we see on main stream TV, the more the trend continues to grow.

As I said to Matthew Richards and Gordon Blamire from Beef Eater at the Landscape Show recently:

'People would rather buy food and drink themselves and cook and entertain at home nowadays, pubs can be very expensive and often houses, particularly new houses, don't offer as much space for entertaining as people would like, hence the popularity for building patios and decking areas and creating open spaces to celebrate special occasions with friends and family. It's a growing trend without a doubt and based on UK weather conditions, if people can create a space that's weather proof and heatable, so much the better.'

So there we are, another reason that we're expanding our product range and looking at the many aspects of outdoor living and landscaping life style products and accessories.Outdoor living gains popularity

Thanks again Landscape Show, we appreciate your support a lot and we'll see you next year for sure! 

Keep up the great work!

Landscape Show London 

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