Home Improvement and DIY sector growth in 2018

Why the UK’s Home Improvement and DIY sector are ready to boom in 2018

Historically, whether we own or whether we’re looking to own a house or a flat, many of us keep a close eye on property prices here in the UK.

The UK property market showed some mixed results in 2017, we saw prices go down in parts of London and parts of the South East, while other areas such as Cheltenham in Gloucestershire saw significant increases. Along the south coast in both Brighton and Bournemouth we saw prices rise almost 1% per month throughout the year, that’s up around 11% over the period. This increase is phenomenal, particularly if you look at the interest rates the banks are offering on savings accounts; small wonder people are still investing in property given those kinds of gains and the growing demand for rental accommodation.

UK housing, home improvements and DIY boom

However, we are expecting a potential slowdown in buying in some parts of the property market. Not so much from 1st time buyers because of the recent changes in Stamp Duty, from what we can see, that end of the market is likely to remain fairly buoyant and here’s why:

'One of the key measures in the chancellor’s drive to help young buyers get on to the property ladder could backfire by pushing up house prices, benefiting those who already own homes, the independent Office for Budget Responsibility has warned.

Philip Hammond announced the immediate abolition of stamp duty for all properties up to £300,000 bought by first-time buyers with immediate effect as part of a range of measures designed to address the UK’s housing crisis. The move will save four out of five first-time buyers up to £5,000.

Those spending up to £500,000 – including most buyers in London – will also benefit, as the first £300,000 of the purchase price will not be subject to the tax. Previously the tax was paid on all purchases over £125,000.'

The Guardian late November 2017

Over recent years we’ve seen a significant increase in homeowners improving and enlarging their properties and not just with traditional extensions. Current trends include loft conversion, basement conversion, garage conversion and additional kitchen, garden room and orangery installations. The traditional small glazed conservatory casually stuck on the rear of the existing property is pretty much a thing of the past.

Boom in DIY and Home Improvement in 2018

We see this trend continuing for a number of reasons, the first and probably most obvious being the actual cost of moving house.

  • Legal fees including searches can be as high as £1,500- £1,800
  • Surveyors fee for new property – as much as £600
  • Estate Agents fee (traditional) – on an average house, with an average commission could be more than £5,000
  • Removal costs - £500+
  • Stamp Duty -  just based on average UK house cost, £2,260 

That’s £10,000 without even trying and it could be significantly higher subject to where you are located and the type of property and mortgage you already have.

Plus, it’s not just the financial constraints, if you have children in local schools and you get on well with your neighbours, there are a host of other more personal factors to consider. Combine all this with looming higher interest rates, concerns about Brexit and the economy and worries about global instability; it makes very good sense to look at the alternatives to simply moving to a larger property.

Instead of moving out, people are currently moving up, moving down and removing the restrictions of traditional accommodation, they’re extending the inside to the outside and they’re doing it with style. People are starting to use space that they previously ignored or considered only suitable for flower beds, lawns, bushes and trees. Instead of just looking through the window at the garden, people want to be out there enjoying it.

Here at Supreme Landscaping Products we’ve seen a sharp increase in demand for all landscaping and DIY products over the last few years and our customers focus is often on paving, patio and everything that makes such projects a success.


The answer is fairly simple, despite the generally not so exciting British weather, the UK population continue to enjoy dining al fresco and they need the facilities to do so. This means of course that most kitchen extensions, garden rooms and orangery’s include an outdoor area for either entertaining, dining or a combination of the two.Patio and paved dining area for that al fresco feeling

Photo courtesy of Rob Garner, Suffolk Landscaping and Masonry

Whether you live in a quaint cottage or a large townhouse, most properties that haven't been extended are suitable to develop the exterior leisure area to include some al fresco dining space.

However, if your property has been extended as far as it can be but you need more space it does make good sense to consider using a suitable garden or balcony area, that’s where the real gains can be found. The ‘infinity’ trend, where the interior living accommodation extends seamlessly into the garden, has seen exponential gains since the introduction and availability of bi-fold and similar doors.

UK Home Improvement and DIY boom in 2018

Here at Supreme Landscaping Products we spotted this growing trend a long time ago and we blogged about it in the early part of 2017 with our popular post ‘Patio time? Why al fresco is so fashionable.’

After much research and long negotiations with a local porcelain importer we will soon be introducing a superb range of vitrified porcelain paving slabs for homeowners looking to expand and create an ‘infinity’ style living area.

We will be offering top quality slab solutions, grouts and slurry mixes all in one package. Our complete packages will be available online and delivered together ready for your builders or landscapers to install the perfect seamless living accommodation.

That’s not all we’re offering our customers this year.

We’re expanding our wooden garden furniture range with a whole selection of pergolas, garden dining sets, benches, arbours, arches and lots more. These quality products will enable you to finish off your landscaping projects in style.

Our decorative stone selection and will also continue to grow over the coming weeks and months, so if you’ve a large garden and you want to transform certain areas into attractive walk ways, paths or drives that help alleviate drainage issues or just simply to look great, we have the solution.

Our top selling range of Border Stoneware statues continues to grow, so if you’re looking for classic features such as a Venus de Milo or Roman Centurion statue, we can help. These quality products are British made, finely detailed and kerbside delivered without additional charges. 

So if you are looking to improve your al fresco dining experiences and you have a project in mind, we can probably help you with the vast majority of your requirements, as mentioned, we've got the paving slabs, the paving grout or compound, patio cleaners and sealers, the garden furniture and planters you'll be needing, the stone ornaments and statues, and of course, a great selection of outdoor lighting. 

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