How to avoid that quiet time of year

What would the gardener in your life want for Christmas?  

That's a pretty tough question, isn't it?

We know that Christmas can be a trying time of year for people looking for something really exceptional. Especially for those that have been with a friend or partner for a long time and you know for sure that there's not much that they really need.

Here's some original Christmas present ideas that we think you're bound to like.

We have been quite adventurous, we know that gardeners and garden lovers always expect the obvious things like new garden tools and accessories, the latest gardening book (Hi Monty Don), new wellies or a designer trug or garden basket and based on that, we've taken the whole Christmas present process a step further.

The Grinch above relates to our landscaping and builder friends and the fact that they'll find it much easier to work during the winter months using the best selling EASYJoint. You might not want to hang a 12.5 Kg tub on the Christmas tree or use it as a stocking filler, but if paving compound seems like an appropriate Christmas gift, remember, as long as it's 3 degrees or rising, you can still use EASYJoint

Have you got lots of Christmas wrapping paper? You might need it if you like our next Christmas present idea.

A very cool Buddha for Christmas

Imagine wrapping this almost 4 foot tall Buddha statue in the garden and hoping it doesn't get noticed until Christmas day? 

Could you do that? It would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? We can take statue deliveries up until Friday 15th December, so call us or order online as soon as you can.

A huge Buddha might not be a practical idea for everyone, but it would certainly be a memorable Christmas morning, wouldn't it?

OK, I said we'd been quite adventurous, you probably guessed these would be very different ideas.

Maybe you've got statues in the garden already?

Are your statues in need of some TLC? A little cleaning, perhaps?

Algae Remover from Supreme Landscaping Products

Personally, I love the look of the statue above, but not everyone does.

If you want a new look statue without too much fuss and you want to use a lot less wrapping paper than someone buying a statue, just buy a 1 litre bottle of Algae Remover.  

Depending on what you started with, you could end up with this kind of result.

Roman Centurion Statue from Supreme Landscaping Products

OK, statues aren't your thing. What else have we got??

How about a lovely rockery feature for the garden? Now that's certainly something unusual for the discerning gardener and way more interesting than a trug, right?. OK, it maybe a bit more expensive but what a memory you'd be making.Decorative stone and rockery from Supreme Landscaping Products

We've got a wonderful selection of decorative stone chippings, rocks and other natural stone products, including Green Granite Rock, White Marble Boulders and White Marble Cobbles. Why not surprise your super keen garden lover with all they'll need for a beautiful rockery project?

Decorative stone and rockery from Supreme Landscaping Products

Once again, it might be hard to make a tonne of rock a major surprise but it would certainly be a gift that someone would remember.

We've got lots to choose from haven't we? 

Maybe you would like some of our feature garden lights, now those you can wrap up in Christmas paper and put around the Christmas tree.

Christmas present ideas from Supreme Landscaping Products

Garden lovers appreciate great garden ideas for Christmas

Whether you are looking to put underwater spotlights, bollards, brass spot lights or decking step lights  around the Christmas tree, we can help. OK, now not everyone expects bollards as that special gift, but why not?

Check them out here...

Garden and Landscape Lights from Supreme Landscaping Products

Have a very, very Happy Christmas and we hope we've help you find something a little different for the gardener or landscaper in your life!

Please share this to any garden lovers or landscapers that might benefit from something a little different this year.