EASYJoint the cash cow

Cash cows are something all business people dream of and in case you're not 100% sure about what they are, here's a story I published on LinkedIn a while back, I've updated it and I think you'll like it. (I'm sure the new picture above gives you some idea of where this article is headed?)

I must first say, that Supreme Landscaping Products are currently adding lots of new hard landscaping products, but looking at the sales figures for 2016 EASYJoint paving compound or paving grout, if you prefer, was and still is, our 'cash cow'. Incidentally, we supply all the colours of EASYJoint available from Azpects and currently the most popular colour is Stone Grey. We sell a lot of single tubs to our DIY enthusiasts and we also sell a lot of full pallets to our busier landscapers and builders, it's not just us that's experiencing a huge demand but we're certainly part of the increased popularity. So much was growth in demand for this product last year that our suppliers have increase both production and storage!


EASYJoint in Glasswell's storage


However, EASYJoint is not our only product by any means. We supply an ever increasing selection of products, including classic statues, garden ornaments, designer lights for paths, driveways, swimming pools and patios, a selection of natural stone cleaners, a selection of natural stones sealers and soon to arrive a superb selection of decorative stone chippings, boulders and rockery stone but like it or not, we can't deny that EASYJoint paving compound is still our best seller.

But first, here's what our old friend Wikipedia says about cash cows: 

'Cash cows are products or services that have achieved market leader status, provide positive cash flows and a return on assets (ROA) that exceeds the market growth rate. The idea is that such products produce profits long after the initial investment has been recouped. By generating steady streams of income, cash cows help fund the overall growth of a company, their positive effects spilling over to other business units. Furthermore, companies can use them as leverage for future expansions, as lenders are more willing to lend money knowing that the debt will be serviced.'

'They usually bring in cash for years, until new technology or shifting market preferences renders them obsolete.'

Whatever business or whatever sector you are in, cash cows sound lovely, don't they? Supreme Landscaping Products has actually found a cash cow of its own, we're loving life as a consequence and based on our find and our new approach to marketing we are super busy!


Cash Cow EASYJoint


However, without trying to sound greedy and looking ahead just a little, we need more cash cows to help us continue to grow as a company! If you've got a hard landscaping related cash cow and you'd like us to sell it for you, let us know ASAP. 

If you want to know more about cash cows, just Google 'The Boston Matrix' and enjoy the read; below is a diagram of The Boston Matrix in case you are not familiar with it.

Basically, the cash cow principle is based on great products that sell really well, that lead the market and provide a ton of cash. Simple stuff really!

However, not everything sells as well as cash cows (dogs are to be avoided at all costs) and we've proved that.  


EASYJoint a quality finish


Azpect's EASYJoint paving compound or paving mortar, or jointing compound, you can call it what you want based on the sector you work in, is defintely the Supreme Landscaping Products cash cow. Last year we couldn't (literally) get enough of it, especially the Stone Grey coloured variation. 

So, you might well ask, 'What makes a cash cow?'

A quality, popular product, marketed well to the right audience, it's as simple as that!

Supreme Landscaping Products offer all 5 of Azpects EASYJoint colours: Stone Grey, Basalt, Buff (sand), Jet Black and Mushroom, but Stone Grey is by far the most popular as far as our online customers are concerned.

We don't only offer Azpects products and we are looking to expand our product range significantly and soon, but EASYJoint is the product that's keeping us flat out and we're not the only ones keen on this new product.

Azpects recently started supplying the UK's biggest tile supplier, Topps Tiles, with EASYJoint, but as we're a simple online company and our overheads are minimal, we're offering the same product at a more competitive price.

Topps Tiles offering Azpects as seen below.

EASYJoint a quality finish

So, that's it in a nutshell, we sell the entire Azpects range but EASYJoint is the cash cow! 

As we continue to grow as a company, I am looking to develop different products in different sectors; more construction chemical products, facilities management and hygiene products, a range of ornamental garden products and I will, of course, continue to develop the very popular hard landscaping products department.

If you've got a cash cow or two that you feel would suit us as a company and you'd like some help, just give me a call direct on 01440 786932.

I should add that one of the reasons we've had so much success with EASYJoint is not just because it's a high grade, break through product, but because Azpects have put a lot of effort into their marketing and they've done it well. This helps us sell their products and proves that a quality digital and social media presence definitely adds value and momentum. 

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Here's proof of the Azpects EASYJoint marketing: 



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