Supreme Landscaping Products Mr Ray Odey working on his patio

Quite recently I published a post 'How to joint a patio - EASY Joint on YouTube' and I explained how a gentleman called Ray Odey called me up with a few landscaping product questions and we discussed at length whether or not he would be able to use EASY Joint for his patio. Ray explained to me in detail that the stone was OK on the patio, but the pointing was looking old and tired and needed replacing.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Ray, he was great guy and he seemed delighted that the product came in a choice of colours and that it was premixed and ready to use straight from the tub. His main concern however, was actually how easy the jointing compound would be to use, so I mentioned that Azpects, the manufacturer of EASY Joint, had produced an excellent video highlighting how simple and straightforward it is to apply and I suggested that Ray watched the video and based his buying decision on what he saw.

As the video highlights and the Azpects mantra confirms, 'the wetter the better', lots of water makes the job easy and helps provide an excellent finish.

Ray watched the video and came back the next day to order. He said that if it was as easy as it looked on the video he should be OK, afterall, he added, 'I am 87 years old'. 

I think Ray is brilliant and I really hope that I'll be up for a landscaping challenge when I'm his age.

Could you use EASY Joint?

EASY Joint really is easy...


I think you could, but if you are not sure, why not check out the video? 

EASY Joint really is easy...

During my conversation with Ray I mentioned that many of the landscapers and builders we supply like to forward us 'before and after' photographs of the projects that they use our various hard landscaping products on, not just EASYJoint but sealers and natural stone cleaners too. I suggested to Ray that it would be great if he could forward me some photographs and he actually did!

EASY Joint really is easy...

Here's Ray's patio paving getting prepared for the new EASY Joint paving compound, or as some call it, paving grout.

EASYJoint a quality finish

Here's Ray's finished paving project using Stone Grey Easy Joint, nice work Ray! 

You can probably tell that I really enjoyed writing this article, much of it was because I genuinely like Ray but also because I was recently speaking to Aaron Orendorff a marketing friend about his great article entitled 'Humanize your brand' which I read a few weeks ago and really appreciated. Bascially, it's all about keeping your blog posts and marketing interesting and relevant by introducing the 'human element'.

It was just after discussing the article with Aaron that I got talking to Ray and loved his style and his attitude, I even added a comment on Aaron's blog explaining how he'd inspired me and how much I was hoping Ray would get back to me. You've really got to love social media some days! I hope I'm like Ray when I'm 87 years old and still up for a challenge, and I really felt it would be a very inspirational story to share. 

I didn't want to put any pressure on Ray at all, he'd promised to send me photos and I was happy to wait. Let's face it, not all 87 year olds are up to taking photos of their recent landscaping projects and emailing them to their online supplier. I speak to some 50 year olds who still can't send an email and prefer their old fax machines, really, it's true!

I'm delighted Ray's project and this article has worked out and I've got a lot of respect for Ray, he's my favorite customer so far this year!!

Ray's only negative comment was that he'd wished he had finished the easy joint compound with a 'tooled' finish rather than a natural finish, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. It looks pretty good to me Ray.

EASYJoint a quality finish  

If you want a 'tooled' finish on your paving please see the GIF above.

A BIG thanks to Ray for his custom, his time and his effort, it really means a lot to me!

If you need any advice on any of the hard landscaping products, statues, globe lights or garden furniture we sell online, please feel free to contact me either on our comments section, by telephone or email.

If, like me, you think Ray is an amazing character please feel free to share this post on social media, Tweet it or put it on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ and maybe Ray will inspire other people to get out into the garden and get a few of those little jobs sorted out that they've been meaning to do.